Billing & Payment Center

Billing & Payment Center

Emmanuel's Billing & Payment Center is accessible at:

Students can login with their Emmanuel username and password to view their tuition bill. Parents and other authorized users can login once students have shared account access. See 'Sharing Access to Bill' below for more information.

To view your fall 2019 tuition bill, visit and sign in with your Emmanuel username and password. Once logged in, we encourage you to review the following sections:

Summary Page
• Shows your current amount due based on your most recent charges and aid. To view included charges, click the term name; to view the aid factored into the total due, click the amount listed under the Pending Aid column.

Account Activity Page
• Shows all the transactions posted to your account over a fixed period of time and includes charges, payments received, and financial aid that has already disbursed to your account.

Statements Page
• An itemized statement is posted each semester. Please note: the amounts shown here will always be based on your charges and financial aid as of the date the statement was issued.

How do I share access to my bill?

If a family member is assisting you with your tuition bill, we encourage you to add them as an authorized user for your Billing & Payment Center so they can both view your bill and make payments online. Simply click "Manage Account Access" in the upper right hand corner of the Summary page of your account, then click "Add Authorized User" to send them an email invitation to create their own login for

Why is there a charge for student health insurance included on my bill?

If you wish to waive the student health insurance coverage, you must submit a waiver form annually to document that you already have a plan that meets the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' insurance requirements.

The online waiver is located at and must be submitted before the semester bill due date in order for the insurance charge to be removed from your bill. 

Why do I see a negative amount due on my bill?

If you see a negative amount due on the Summary page of your bill, it means that your total payments and/or financial aid exceed your charges for the semester. Depending on your circumstances you may want to:

  • Reduce one of your loans
  • Reduce the remaining amount scheduled to be paid through your monthly payment plan
  • Leave the credit on your account to be applied towards the next semester's bill 
  • Request a refund of the excess funds

If you're unsure which option may be best for you, please contact your financial services counselor.

How do I apply a private scholarship I've been awarded toward my tuition bill?

Forward a copy of the scholarship letter to the Office of Student Financial Services as soon as you receive it, so we may factor it into the amount due shown on your bill.

Please note:
• If the check for the scholarship is given to you directly, or sent to your home address, you will need to send it to our office.

• Some private scholarships require proof of enrollment (such as a copy of your tuition bill), or proof of successful completion of your first semester (such as an official or unofficial transcript of your grades) before the scholarship payment will be released. It is your responsibility to complete these requirements in a timely manner.

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