Student Employment

Emmanuel students have the opportunity to search for on- or off-campus employment through HireSaints.

Not all students will choose to work while enrolled at Emmanuel. However should you want or need to work to pay for living expenses, the College has a robust on-campus employment program and our Boston location is ideal for finding jobs in the local community. On-campus employment opportunities are available in our academic offices, residence halls and administrative offices.

If you are planning on working either on or off campus, you must have the following to complete your employment paperwork: I-9, M-4, W-4 and Direct Deposit Authorization. These forms are also available on HireSaints or in the Office of Human Resources.

  • Valid original identification such as driver's license and Social Security Card, or a U.S. passport. You may view a list of acceptable documentation as determined by the federal government at on the I-9 form.
  • Voided check or direct deposit form from your bank.

Student employment and Federal Work-Study is not deducted from the bill. Students will receive a paycheck directly deposited into their bank account every two weeks for hours worked.