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Congratulations on your acceptance to Emmanuel College!

We are a community of discoverers, doers and difference-makers, and we invite you to join us here in the heart of the world’s greatest college town.

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EcIncoming | Sunday, April 8

Join us for EC Incoming, our Accepted Student Day on Sunday, April 8. Come explore what matters to you most during this fun and immersive glimpse of life at Emmanuel College.

Make Boston Your Home

Many colleges talk about being "in the Boston area," but Emmanuel is at the city’s very heart. For our students, this means unparalleled access to world-class internship opportunities, cultural experiences, entertainment, recreation and more—a global classroom, right outside campus gates.

EC Incoming

Sunday, April 8, 2018 

Join us for EC Incoming, our Accepted Student Day on Sunday, April 8. Come explore what matters to you most during this fun and immersive glimpse of life at Emmanuel College.


  • Class is in Session: Participate in a mini-class in your academic area of interest and discover the topics that ignite a passion within you.
  • Meet Your Mentors: Get to know distinguished faculty members who will support, challenge and champion you through personal relationships that will foster your academic and professional development.
  • Hands-On, High-Impact Internships: 100% of Emmanuel students complete an internship or experiential learning initiative. Learn how these real-world experiences will prepare you for success in the modern workplace.
  • EC Superfans to Model UN - and Everything in Between: Explore 100+ areas of campus involvement and meet the students and staff leading the organizations you love.
  • The Real Deal: Speak with current students about why they chose Emmanuel - and why they'd choose it again!

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Your Life as a Saint Starts Now.

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Ready to make it official? Submit your enrollment form and enrollment deposit ($500 for resident students or $300 for commuter students) online or by mail no later than Tuesday, May 1 to the Office of Admissions.

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For members of the class entering in Fall 2018, EC Incoming (Emmanuel’s accepted student day) will take place on  Sunday, April 8! Take this opportunity to imagine life as a Saint, meet your future classmates and professors and experience firsthand the Emmanuel Advantage.

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There is no better way to experience life at Emmanuel than to spend a day on campus with some of our current students. Whether you're cheering on a Saints athletics team or catching an original EC theater production, you'll become part of the Emmanuel community and know just what's in store for your next four years!

Saints Community Visit Day 4/14

Take a tour of campus, enjoy lunch in the dining hall and cheer on the men's lacrosse team!

Saints Community Visit Day 4/21
Take a tour of campus, enjoy lunch in the dining hall and attend this semester's musical theater production!

Share the news of your acceptance with family, friends and the Emmanuel community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #BeASaint. Then join your future classmates in the EC Class of 2022 Facebook group and start making friends!


Make sure you have a current passport that is valid at least six months into the future. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiration date and to renew it when appropriate. Should you need to renew or update your passport, contact your local government embassy. Your I-20 application form, which you have received in your application packet, should be completed and submitted as soon as possible if you are planning to enroll at Emmanuel College. You can also find the document here. If you have any questions about the I-20 application, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Why Emmanuel?

Be in Boston.

Emmanuel is located in the city’s very heart. This means that world-class museums, theaters, shopping and sports events are always at your fingertips. Our campus, meanwhile, has the feeling of home. It is a place where it is easy to make friends, step beyond comfort zones and begin to make your mark in the world.

Be Inspired.

Emmanuel offers abundant opportunities to discover what ignites a sense of fascination unlike anything you have known. Faculty, advisors and student life professionals will stand with you as you imagine and build a future that is deeply rewarding and true to your authentic self.

Be in Demand.

At Emmanuel, the liberal arts and sciences intersect with the practical skills you need to excel in the 21st century workplace. Here, 100% of students participate in an internship before graduation, through which you will learn to apply knowledge in real-world situations, work on teams, build your résumé and make professional connections.

Take The Leap

Are You Ready To Be A Saint?

Emmanuel is a place where students drive the research behind scientific breakthroughs. Captain championship teams alongside fellow athletes who become everlasting friends. Gain valuable connections to companies and organizations that help them develop real-world skills and a strong resume.

There are no halfway measures when it comes to happiness: it derives from giving your all to the passions and pursuits that move you. You’re ready to put your all into something bold and ambitious.