Additional Languages

Emmanuel is the only college within the Colleges of the Fenway that offers Arabic language courses. This program, which has been growing steadily since its inception, includes Beginning Arabic I and II and Intermediate Arabic I and II. The new course Arabic Conversation and Composition is expected to run in fall 2014. In these culturally-rich language courses students speak, write and read Arabic. They also practice translation from Arabic to English and vice versa. In spring 2013 the Department offered a new introduction to Arabic literature course conducted in English that was very well received by students. The Department is currently developing a faculty-led study abroad program in Morocco for the summer of 2015.

In beginning-level French courses students learn the language from a textbook co-authored by French Lecturer Cheryl Tano, which includes an engaging multimedia online program. Intermediate students improve their linguistic skills through discussions centered on popular French films and participation in language tables.  The Department also offers the popular faculty-led travel abroad program Darkness in the City of Lights, which is a literature and film course taught partially in Boston and partially in Paris. This exciting course explores locales in Paris that were especially important to its cultural and historical development during the 19th and 20th centuries.

In beginning-level Italian courses students are exposed to authentic written, visual and audio materials from the textbook, the Internet and other media. Intermediate students participate in "Tavola Italiana" where they talk in Italian with a peer student fluent in the language. Italian Conversation and Composition utilizes online newspapers as a primary source of information, as well as an e-book co-authored by Italian Lecturer Isa Orvieto. This text is designed to be interactively used on a computer, iPad or Kindle. The course also uses online newspapers as a primary source of information and plans a peer-to-peer exchange program with Italian students of Cattolica University. The exciting faculty-led study abroad course Today's Italy offers a direct cultural experience of how Italy has developed into a modern country while holding onto its history, art and traditions. The course begins at Emmanuel and ends in Milan, where students spend four weeks immersed in the everyday life of a modern Italian city. While in Milan students also take an Italian language course at the renowned Cattolica University.

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