Meet Our Faculty

Our department is dedicated to providing a supportive, rigorous and rewarding education community that will allow you to thrive. We are dedicated to chemistry, the central science, and to sharing our experience, knowledge and excitement with you. We come from diverse backgrounds, work together to cover all areas of chemistry and each bring a unique perspective to your education. We engage in research and are committed to exploring the unknown in chemistry with undergraduate research students.

Eric Camire

Lab Instructor, Department of Chemistry & Physics
M.A., Boston University; B.S. Chemistry, Emmanuel College

Aren Gerdon

Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics; Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Vanderbilt University; B.A., Chemistry, Hanover College

Carley Henderson

Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Physics
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire; B.A., Connecticut College

Alisa Lando

Lecturer of Chemistry
B.S., Lafayette College; M.S., Boston College

Allen Price

Associate Professor of Physics, Department of Chemistry & Physics
Ph.D., M.S., University of Washington; B.S., California Institute of Technology

Faina Ryvkin

Associate Dean of Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry & Physics
Ph.D., M.A., Clark University; M.S., B.S., Pedagogical University, Moscow