Studio Art

The making of art is a complex practice informed both by a mindfulness of art history and one’s own experience as a vehicle for self-expression.

As a studio art major at Emmanuel, you will transform from “student of art” to “artist” and develop the creative, technical and conceptual aspects for both traditional and new media. Emmanuel’s broad array of studio courses including drawing, 2D and 3D design, ceramics, printmaking, photography, painting and digital media presents opportunities to develop the technical skills necessary for students to problem solve creatively and develop a personal vision.

Major Requirements

View the 2017-2018 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for B.A. in Studio Art

  • ART1201 Survey of Art I OR ART1202 Survey of Art II
  • ART1401 Basic Drawing I
  • ART1402 Basic Drawing II
  • ART1407 Visual Language for Design and Communication
  • ART2215 Modern Art
  • ART2403 Design and Composition
  • ART2415 Life Drawing
  • ART2433 3D Form Studies
  • ART4417 Senior Studio
  • Two electives selected in consultation with department advisor
  • Non-credit written thesis and senior exhibition

Minor Requirements

View the 2017-2018 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for Minor in Studio Art 

  • ART1401 Basic Drawing I
  • ART1407 Visual Language for Design and Communication
  • ART2403 Design and Composition
  • ART2433 3D Form Studies
  • Two electives chosen from a 2000- or 3000-level course

Learning Goals & Outcomes

The studio art program is designed to:

  • Introduce and develop the conceptual and technical aspects of the studio arts in both traditional and new media
  • Guide students in choosing their appropriate medium and developing the technical and conceptual proficiency in that medium
  • Develop the ability to evaluate artwork through art history courses, class critiques, writing, and viewing original works in museums, galleries and artists' studios
  • Prepare students to pursue their own creative direction in the future