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Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall

Lecturer of Sociology

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Office: Administration Building, 467

Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m.-10:45 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.-5:00 p.m.; Fridays, 9:30 a.m.-10:45 a.m.; Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment. 



Ph.D. Candidate, Boston University; M.A., UMass Boston


Taylor Hall is a doctoral candidate currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Work, a program from which she graduates this year! Currently, she is a full-time lecturer in Sociology at Emmanuel College, teaching classes such as Intro to Anthropology, Deviance and Social Control, and Social Policy. In the past, she worked as a Senior Data Analyst at the Center for Addictions Research and Services. Her dissertation work focuses on barriers to substance abuse, mental health, and physical health services post release for drug users who have been incarcerated. Professor Hall graduated with an M.A. in Applied Sociology and a certificate in Forensic Services from UMass Boston. Professor Hall has a strong background in evaluation research for both SAMHSA and BJA grants. As a member of the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers (NOFSW) and an activist for social justice reform throughout the city of Boston, her research interests include the cycle of incarceration, reentry, and recidivism for drug users, as well as bridging the gap of services offered in prisons and the community for offenders as they leave prison.

What I Love About Emmanuel:

I love that the students at Emmanuel College are intrigued about what is happening in their community and want to be part of social justice reform.

Courses I Teach

  • Intro to Sociology
  • Intro to Anthropology
  • Crime and Justice
  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Family and Gender Roles
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Group Relations
  • Theories of Society
  • Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

Publications & Presentations


  • Hall, T.L., Wooten, N.R., & Lundgren, L. (2015). Post-incarceration policies and prisoner re-entry: Implications for recidivism prevention. Journal of Poverty. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10875549.2015.1094761
  • Hall, T., Chassler, D., Blom, B., Grahn, R. Nilsson, M., Sullivan, L. & Lundgren, L. (2015). Mortality among a national population sentenced to compulsory care for Substance Use Disorders in Sweden: Descriptive Study. Evaluation and Program Planning. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2014.12.013
  • Wooten, N. R., Al-Barwani, M. B., Chmielewski, J. A., Buck, J. E., Hall, T. L., Moore, L. L., Woods, A. C. (2014). A case study of social media and remote communications in military research: Examining military and deployment experiences of Army women. SAGE Research Methods Cases


  • Hall, T. (Mar, 2017). Client and Staff Perceptions of Access to Physical Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Services Post Release for Drug Offenders in the Boston Metro Area. Paper presented at the Annual Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health. Atlanta, GA.
  • Amodeo, M., DaSilva-Clark, M, Hall, T. Chassler, D., Krull, I, Devine, E., Brady, S., & Lundgren, L. (Nov, 2016). Inter-professional Collaboration in SBIRT Training for Social Workers, Counselors & Psychiatry Residents. Paper presented at Council on Social Work Education Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA. 
  • Hall, T., Krull, I., DaSilva-Clark, M., Mee, S., Romano, T., & Lundgren, L. (2016, Oct). Increasing Knowledge on Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders Among Clinicians in Medically Underserved Communities. Paper presented at Addiction Health Services and Research Annual Conference. Seattle, WA.
  • Siegfriedt, J., Campagna, L., Hall, T., & Hartwell, S. (2016, Aug). Client compensation and follow-up: A Comparison of two Boston prisoner re-entry programs. Paper presented at the American Sociological Society Annual Conference. Seattle, WA.
  • Hall, T. and Ryan, C. (2016, March). The Multiple Responsibilities of a Sociology Graduate Student: A Interactive Discussion in Balance and Coping. Paper presented at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Conference. Boston, MA.
  • Hall, T., Chassler, D., Blom, B., Grahn, R. Blom-Nilsson, & Lundgren, L. (2015, Oct). Mortality Among a National Population Sentenced to Compulsory Care for SUDs in Sweden. Paper presented at the Addictions Health Services and Research Annual Conference. Marina del Rey, CA.
  • Hall, T. Krull, I., Wooten, N., Mee, S., Kegley, L., dasilva-Clark, M, & Lundgren, L. (2015, Jan). In the Community, For the Community: BUSSW Training in Medically Underserved Communities. Paper presented at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. 
  • Hall, T., Byrd, K., Kuilan, N., Pedraza, R., Purington, T., & Lundgren, L. (2014, July). Hepatitis-C and HIV/AIDS Risk Associations with Incarceration for Homeless Latino Injection Drug Users. Poster presented at the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers Annual Conference. New York, NY. Poster presented (2015, March) at the 8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health. Boston, MA.
  • Reckhow, C., Hall, T., Chassler, D., Purington T., Pedraza, R., Kuilan, N., Lundgren, L. (2014, Nov). Evaluation of GoogleMaps Engine as a Tool for HIV Outreach in Difficult to Reach Communities. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association. New Orleans, LA.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP), Boston, MA 2016- present | NIAAA R25 Grant FY 16-18 | PI Dr. Lena Lundgren and Dr. Christopher Salas-Wright | Project Manager | $490,000
Boston University, Boston, MA

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP) trains Social Work Faculty and Educates Social Work graduate students in empirically supported alcohol and other drug (AOD) identification and treatment methods and incorporates AOD content in the curricula of Schools of Social Work nationwide. There is an urgent need to increase the number of graduate level social workers with expertise in empirically-supported alcohol and other drug (AOD) identification and treatment methods.
An Interdisciplinary Multimodal Regional and National SBIRT Training for Health Professionals (BU-SBIRT), Boston, MA August 2015-present | SAMHSA SBIRT Grant FY15-18 | PI Dr. Lena Lundgren and Dr. Stephen Brady | Project Manager | $900,000
Boston University, Boston, MA
Managing and overseeing data collection for the evaluation of the BU teaching methods and implementation of SBIRT for social work, counseling, psych residents and field instructors at Boston University School of Social Work and the Boston University School of Medicine.

La Voz: HIV Outreach, Addiction Treatment and Trauma Support for Latinas in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts, August 2013-2016 | SAMHSA TCE-HIV Grant FY13-16 | PI Dr. Lena Lundgren | Project Manager | $300,000Boston University, Boston, MA and Tapestry Health, Inc., Springfield, MA
Overseeing the data collection, training, analysis, and reporting for the evaluation of SAMHSA TCE-HIV Minority Women Grant, RFA TI-13-011. Provides outreach, addiction treatment, and trauma support for Latinas who are at-risk for or diagnosed with substance use and mental health disorders or living with HIV/AIDS in Western Massachusetts.

Boston Offender Needs Delivery (BOND), Boston, MA, August 2013-2016 | SAMHSA ORP Grant FY13-16 TI24794 | PI Dr. Stephanie Hartwell | Project Manager | $1,290,000
UMass Boston and Span, Inc., Boston, MA
Overseeing the data collection, training, analysis, and reporting for the evaluation of SAMHSA ORP grant. Provides outreach, MISSION dual recovery treatment, and peer support for offenders released from prison in the Boston metro area and are reentering into society.

Research Focus

Injection Drug Use
HIV/AIDS and Hep-C

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