Our Academic Approach

The Curriculum

The Arts and Sciences undergraduate program requires a minimum of 128 credit hours of study. These credits are earned through a combination of degree requirements and electives. The degree requirements are comprised of four components which each contribute to students' achieving the goals of the undergraduate program. Remaining credits are earned with elective courses. Often, students use electives to complete a minor program or benefit from the special academic opportunities offered.

Learning Goals

Arts and Sciences students will develop:

  • The skills required for successful college-level academic work
  • The breadth of knowledge that makes possible a lifelong engagement with and curiosity about significant knowledge, ideas and issues
  • The intellectual ability to function in diverse and changing contexts using models of analytical reasoning, symbolic thinking, observation, creativity, critical thinking, moral reasoning and self-knowledge


  1. Foundation Skills Competency:
    Students are required to demonstrate minimum competency in areas Emmanuel deems necessary for higher learning and functioning in today's world. Students fulfill these requirements either through coursework or demonstration of competency.
  2. Completion of the Domains of Knowledge Program:
    Students are required to take a breadth of courses that allows them to develop the wide-ranging knowledge that makes possible engagement with and curiosity about significant knowledge, ideas and issues.
  3. Completion of a Major Program:
    The major program allows students to develop depth of knowledge and skills in an academic discipline. Students choose a major program offered by Emmanuel or develop an individualized major. Major program requirements vary, and at least 50% of them must be fulfilled through Emmanuel courses. However, except for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, students may take no more than 64 credits in one department.
  4. Capstone Experience:
    Students are required to complete a culminating experience during which they will integrate knowledge and apply skills learned through the undergraduate program. This requirement is fulfilled through the major program.