Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the Honors Program?
Students are typically selected into the program as part of the admissions process. Selection is based on high school curriculum, rigor and GPA. The Office of Admissions will notify students of selection into the program. First-year students may be selected into the program over winter break based on their academic performance during their first semester.

I was accepted to Emmanuel College, but I'm not sure if I was accepted to the Honors Program. How can I find out?
You can contact the Office of Admissions at 617-735-9715 or   

What are the benefits of the program?
The Honors Program offers you an exceptional educational experience. You will enjoy small, interactive classes with outstanding professors who are passionate about teaching talented students and value the close interactions they have with honors students. You will become a member of a community of highly-motivated students who wish to excel in reading and writing-intensive classes.   

Honors classes fulfill general requirements and appear with the prefix HONOR on your transcript. Honors students have free access to engaging co-curricular events, such as theatre performances, the Boston Symphony and a trip to the United Nations in New York.  

Other benefits include the opportunity to receive funding for travel, research and creative activities. You will also have the opportunity to work with professors on research projects and as instructional assistants. You will be able to take on leadership roles through peer mentoring and organizing co-curricular events.   

Do honors students receive an additional scholarship?
Honors students do not receive an additional scholarship. The program offers a Research and Creative Activities Award for research and creative endeavors. Honors students compete for this award. Honors students have also been awarded prestigious scholarships and fellowships such as the Fulbright Fellowship.   

Does the Honors Program have any special housing arrangements?
There are no special housing arrangements for honors students. Honors students become part of an active intellectual community by taking honors courses and participating in co-curricular events.   

I am a transfer student. Can I apply to the Honors Program?
As a high-achieving student, you can apply by June 1 after your freshman year at Emmanuel with permission from your academic advisor and the Honors Program director.   

I am a current student at Emmanuel. Can I take honors courses?
Yes, if you're a high-achieving student and there is space left in the honors class you're interested in. However, students currently in the program have priority access to honors courses. If you're a current student at Emmanuel and are interested in taking an honors class, please contact the program director, Professor Jaime Vidaurrazaga, at 617-264-7716 or for further information.   

Does tuition increase if I become part of the Honors Program?
No, tuition remains the same regardless of your participation in the program.   

How many students are there in the program?
There are approximately 70 students in the program.   

When do students typically start the program?
Students typically enter the program in their first or second semester at Emmanuel.   

What are the program requirements?
To successfully complete the program, you are required to take five honors courses, one "Honors Experience" and achieve Distinction in the Field in your senior year. The Honors Experience can include a study abroad experience or the opportunity to work as a research assistant or as an instructional assistant with a professor. You are required to maintain a GPA of 3.3 to stay in the program.    

Do I need to take any additional classes as an Honors student?
You do not need to take any additional classes, because all honors classes fulfill a General Academic Requirement. Your academic advisor  and the Honors Program director will help you integrate your honors classes into your four-year academic plan.  

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