Students with disabilities are ensured that written records will be kept confidential and made available only to those with a legitimate interest in them. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protect the confidentiality of student medical and disability records. Disability-related information is kept by the college or university in separate files with access limited to appropriate personnel. FERPA protects a student's record from being shared (without the student's permission) with faculty, administrators, other students, the press, or anyone without a legitimate reason for seeing the record. (HEATH Resource Center).

A note for faculty:

Disability-related documentation should be submitted only to the Disability Support Services office. If a student provides you with personal records or documentation, refer him/her to the Assistant Director of Disability Support Services.

Any information about a disability should be kept confidential and not shared with other faculty or staff.

Alyson Czelusniak
Assistant Director of Disability Support Services

Academic Resource Center, Room L-G06A
617-735-92923 phone
617-975-9322 fax