Academic Advising

Four-Year Academic Plan

We are committed to helping our students graduate from Emmanuel College in four years, prepared for their chosen field. During your first-year, you will work together with your academic advisor to construct a Four-Year Academic Plan.

What Students Say

"As a first year student at Emmanuel, I was struggling with choosing between two academic majors.  My Academic Advisor went the extra mile by helping me map out a Four-Year Academic Plan for each major.  My advisor put in a vast amount of time in assisting me and planning out my academic schedule.  It made my decision so much easier!"
—John Deperon, Class of 2017

"The creation of a Four-Year Academic Plan has allowed me to feel so much less stress about my future at Emmanuel College. After working closely with my Academic Advisor to draft a plan, I feel confident that I will be able to fulfill all of my academic goals and requirements by the time I graduate. Also, because the plan is written in pencil, it's nice to know that it can change as I do. Overall, the Four-Year Academic Plan is an immensely helpful resource for shaping my academic career."
—Samantha Martin, Class of 2017