Senior Distinctions

Students who earn a grade point average of 3.5 in major courses have the opportunity to complete a significant research project to graduate with distinction in their field of concentration. The projects are determined in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and presented on Senior Distinction Day, which takes place in April of each year.

For students with an individualized major, in addition to earning a 3.5 average in all courses in the major program, the project may be completed as part of a capstone course or culminating experience. The project must be approved for distinction by two faculty members representing different academic disciplines within the individualized major.

2016 Distinction in the Field projects


  • Christina Bell, "An Irish Struggle: Brian Maguire, Neo-Expressionism and the fight for Irish independence" (Art History)
  • Sarah Como, "Two children with neurological and emotional disorders: An art therapy case study" (Art Therapy)
  • Colleen Donovan, "The Distorted Body: Resisting the gaze (Studio Art)
  • Rebekah Lunsford, "Art therapy with children facing language, behavioral and social skills challenges" (Art Therapy)
  • Kayla Matthews, "The benefit of using LEGO-based therapy to promote social skills in children with anxiety symptoms and autism spectrum disorder" (Art Therapy)
  • Cori Sutton, "Declawing Activist Art: Censorship of Vietnam wartime anti-establishment art" (Art History)
  • Cassidy Tarczali, "To Drop an Urn" (Art History)


  • Sheila Drakeley, "Suprabasin: Possible regulator of PTEN in  metastatic  breast cancer"
  • Troy Ferreira, "Characterization of skin  leukocyte populations in hematopoietic chimeric mice"
  • Stefano Gambino, "Measuring site specific DNA cleavage with single molecule resolution: A study of the catalytic role of Mg2+ in the cleavage mechanism of type II restriction endonucleases"
  • Siobhan Gartland, "Investigating the effects of BFA1 overexpression on effectors of the mitotic exit network in S. cerevisiae"
  • Kelsey Joyce, "Investigating the role of the Putative GEF Lte1 in the mitotic exit network of S. cerevisiae"
  • Alex Koerner, "Synthesis of a series of ruthenium (II) complexes with N,O-chelates as potential photodynamic therapy agents"
  • Alyssa Menard, "Role of nutrient sensing genes in lifespan extension"
  • Emily Porter, "Longevity promoting mechanisms: Examining the effect of lifespan associated genes on intestinal stem cell homeostasis"
  • Kurt Pruner, "Hematopoietic contribution to CNS microglial populations following Busulfan and Pertussis toxin treatment on established chimeric mice"
  • Thomas Tallo, "Identification of the trans-acting factors required for transcriptional attenuation of the yeast DNA repair gene DEF1"
  • Christine Tuohy, "Identification of the cis-acting elements required for transcriptional attenuation of the yeast DNA repair gene DEF1"
  • Janelle Winship, "Development of a sensitive gel-based densitometric assay utilizing Sybr® Gold to study site specific restriction enzyme kinetics"


  • Jill Rossi, "Cardiovascular disease prevalence as a result of increased food consumption"
  • Kaitlin Todd, "Statistical analysis of SNPs to predict Alzheimer's disease"


  • Keith Baillargeon, "Evolution of DNA templates for hydroxyapatite mineralization in the presence of physiological NaCl"
  • Aimee Sanford, "Quantification of rheological effects on hydroxyapatite mineralization in microfluidics"


  • Katherine Campbell, "Creating a classroom culture with the habits of mind" (Elementary Education)
  • Catherine Davis, "Teaching for Social Justice: Celebrating diversity at Sokolowski School in Chelsea and Compass School in Boston" (Elementary Education)


  • Rachel Aiello, "Making it Ours: Our Bodies, ourselves and the dynamics of literary liberation (English: Communication + Media Studies)
  • Eve Barkin, A cross-generational reading of HBO's Sex and the City (English: Communication + Media Studies)
  • Jennifer Burgess, "Kardashian Kulture: Exploring the beauty myth within 21st-century media" (English: Communication + Media Studies)
  • Victoria Glavin, "A Marginal Man: Intersectionality in the life and work of John Fante" (English: Literature)


  • Katherine Harrington, "Gender-bending pirates in the Golden Age of Sail"
  • Molly Sczucka, "Show Me Some Ankle and Some Compassion: prostitutes and suffrage in Victorian England"
  • Emily Solup, "Chronicle of anti-Semitism in the 20th-century Poland"
  • Eric Spargo, "Institutional Oppression: Colonial education in Korea and Czechoslovakia"
  • Richard Thompson, "Bicycle America: Foreign facilitation"


  • Darren Parke, "Generalizations of multi-toned tilings"
  • James Withers, "The death-birth process on graphs with weakly advantageous mutants"


  • Rijad Custovic, "A Thief in the Night: Religion and event in Badiou"


  • Rachel Aiello, "Politics of Ideology: An analysis of state level sex education policy"
  • Annalyn Bachmann, "The Socioeconomic Divide: The differences between development in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa"
  • Timothy Hopp, "The Explosive Electorate: An examination into why terrorist groups join electoral politics"


  • Siobhan Billings Pearce, "Sí se puede: Pathways to female executive leadership in Argentina, Brazil and Chile" (International Studies: Sustainability + Global Justice)
  • Emily Larkin, "A Womb of Life and Death: Palestinian female suicide bombers and the expansion of Palestinian womanhood" (International Studies: Diplomacy + Security)
  • Joseph Ouellet, "Boycott, Divest and Sanction: A method for success" (International Studies: Diplomacy + Security)


  • Meaghan Brown, "Beliefs and Behaviors about Guns: A comparison of Iceland and the United States"
  • Meghan Farley, "The association between sex, gender typed traits, and gender identity on empathy and emotion regulation"
  • Joshua Head, "The role of differential developmental pruning in touch circuit organization"
  • Meghann Soby, "Does This Make Me Look Fat?: The effects of hearing versus participating in fat talk"
  • Carissa Tuozzo, "Identifying differential white matter pathology between Chronic Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder"


  • Dakota Roundtree-Swain, "Hopeful, Scared and Different: Foster youth's perceptions on their experiences of aging out of the child welfare system"